Α. The aim of the contest
The contest aims at:
  • promoting the principles, message and culture of competition through the use of modern digital means, with a view to enhancing the awareness of the new generation;
  • developing a new communication strategy aiming at a wide recognition of the HCC’s institutional role, for the benefit of its mission, sound entrepreneurship and society as a whole;
  • providing motivation and opportunities for artistic recognition to young artists, to allow them to unfold their talent and creativity, while leaving their mark on the development of the new communication strategy of the HCC.

Β. The purpose of the contest
Creation of a Figure and a Video Ad

C. Technical specifications
1. Figure– Form and use
  • The Figure must be a representational object that reflects the essence and principles of effective competition, while symbolizing a modern and pertinent public authority, which approaches businesses and consumers directly and speaks their language. 
  • The Figure will be used in online publications, websites and applications, as well as in various events aiming at promoting competition policy and other HCC’s actions. It will also be used to create comics, infographics and promotional advertisements which will convey the Commission’s work on safeguarding competition.
  • The candidate design shall be original, distinct, simple, fit-for-purpose, positive, comply with any third parties’ intellectual property rights (“copyrights”), not be offensive, be distinguished for its artistic, design and technical merits.
  • The Figure must be suitable to be placed anywhere, against a dark or bright background and be immediately understandable. It must be visible, both in its color and in black and white version. It should be non-alterable in color regardless of the application in which it will be used. The original design must be developed in vector-eps (Scalable Vector Graphics- SVG) and not in PSD, TIFF or JPEG image format.
  • The color range of the Figure shall be limited to PANTONE 4 colors or the 4 colors of the four-color (CMYK) range. It must be suitable for use in linear black and white and color (CMYK or PANTONE) printing, as well as in dimensions ranging from 1.5 cm to 100cm, remaining unalterable and visible. In case of unique colors, the colors used in both the Pantone and the CMYK versions must be accurately specified.
  • We are looking for the best proposal, from a functional, aesthetic and technical point of view, in terms of communication efficiency, content and immediacy of the symbol, as well as the elements of originality embodied in it.

2. Video/Message – Form and use

  • The Video/Message must convey the positive message and value of effective competition, both for the benefit of healthy entrepreneurship and economic growth, and for the benefit of consumers and social welfare.
  • The candidate video/message must be original, fit-for-purpose, positive, comply with any third parties’ intellectual property rights (“copyrights”), not be offensive, be distinguished for its artistic, design and technical merits.
  • The winner Video/Message will be uploaded on the HCC’s website and social network accounts as well as on television channels as a TV spot.
  • The candidate video must have original content, consisting of image and audio. The author must have all the licenses (model releases, music licenses, etc.) required for reproduction by any means and without any spatial or time limit.
  • Video technical specifications:

◦ Video length: limited to 5 minutes

◦ Analysis: FULLHD, 1080p - 1920x1080 pixels.

◦ Free style selection (e.g. Narrative, Animation etc).

◦ Master video quality:

▪ Prores 422HQ

▪ Frame rate: 25

▪ Chroma subsampling: 4:2:2

▪ Bit depth: 10

▪ Audio format: PCM

▪ Audio bitrate: >2000 Kbps

▪ Audio channels: 2 (Front L R)

▪ Audio bit depth: 24bits

◦ H.264 Version quality: 

▪ Frame rate: 25

▪ Chroma subsampling: 4:2:0

▪ Bit depth: 8

▪ Audio format: AAC

▪ Audio bitrate: 320 Kbps

▪ Audio channels: 2 (Front L R)

▪ Audio sampling rate: 48.0 KHz

We are looking for the best proposal, from a functional, aesthetic and technical point of view, in terms of communication efficiency, content and immediacy of the symbol, as well as the elements of originality embodied in it.


D. Participation eligibility

  • The contest is open to all (individuals as well as legal entities).
  • Entry is open to both individuals and groups.
  • The members of the Jury, the HCC’s staff and the members of the Commission or persons who are professionally or by first and second degree related with them are not eligible to apply.

E. Entrance terms

  • The submission and assessment process will be fully electronic, in order to reduce costs and minimize the negative impact on the environment.
  • For any entries by legal entities, the electronic submission shall be made by their legal representative.
  • After the successful completion of the entry form, all interested parties will receive at the E-mail address they have stated an 8-digit Unique Participant Code.
    Candidatures can be submitted via the special online platform available at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., as follows:


The Figure shall be sent electronically in a .zip format via the relevant electronic form. The compressed file shall contain the following files:
    • Scalable Vector Graphics- SVG file (.eps)
    • Black and White Vector Format (.eps)
    • Black and White Negative Vector Format (.eps)
    • Pantone SVG format (.eps)
    • CMYK SVG (.eps)
    • Jpeg RGB 300dpi
    • Black and White in Jpeg 300dpi format
    • The figure 1,5 x 15 cm in PDF
    • Candidature identity in PDF: Title, Short description and Author’s/Authors’ and copyright holder’s/holders’ identity. 


The Video shall be sent electronically, according to the following procedure:

    • Fill in the relevant electronic contest participation form as in cases 1 and 2 above, but without sending any files;
    • You receive, from the system at the E-mail address that you have stated when filling in the form, a proof of participation with an 8-digit Unique Participant Code, of the form XXXXXXXX;
    • Rename the Η.264 copy file with the Unique Participant Code (e.g. ΧΧΧΧΧΧΧΧ.mp4) and send it via an online large file transfer service (e.g. WeTransfer), together with an accompanying file in pdf – with the same name as the video (of the form ΧΧΧΧΧΧΧΧ.pdf), providing details of the candidature identity (Title, Short description and Author’s/Authors’ and copyright holder’s/holders’) atThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., including your identification details (full name) and the E-mail address that you have stated in the participation form.
    • The winners will be required to submit the original video (master) according to the technical specifications described below.
  • The Contest Organising Committee, after receiving the electronic entries, stores them electronically by each corresponding Unique Participant Code and a given HCC Reference Number in order to fully ensure the anonymity of the contest participants during the assessment process.
  • Only one (1) proposal by participant for each of the two contest categories may be submitted.
  • Proposals with an obscene or offensive content or sent after the expiry of the entries submission deadline or proposals that do not meet the specifications set out above will not be accepted.


F. Important contest dates

  • The opening date for entry submissions is Monday, 20 July 2020 at 12.00 (time of receipt by the HCC of the online submission).
  • The closing date for entry submissions is Monday, 26 July 2021 at 17.00 (time of receipt by the HCC of the online submission).

G. Selection process, criteria

  • The selection process will be carried out by a nine-member Assessment Committee set up to this end by the HCC and composed of members of the HCC, as representatives of the Organising Authority, and persons of recognised standing in visual arts and communication.
  • In the first phase, the organising committee of the contest will examine the fulfillment of the minimum requirements/technical specifications set out above under B, C and D by the submitted proposals and will forward the entries that meet these minimum criteria to the Assessment Committee.
  • In the second phase, the Assessment Committee will assess the proposals submitted on the basis of the following selection criteria:
    • The relevance of the message conveyed by the creative work with the core message (40%);
    • The simplicity and communication efficiency of the project (40%),
    • The originality of the proposal (20%),
  • The top 10 proposals (staff pick), by specific topic, selected by the Assessment Committee will be posted/uploaded on the contest website and will be displayed at the venue of the awards ceremony.

Η. Prizes, public exhibition and awards ceremony

  • The best entrances of the contest will receive two (2) prizes (high-tech electronic devices), one (1) for each specific contest category, as follows:
  • The prize for the winning Figure is a professional tablet, with the following technical specifications:
    • iPAD pro 12.9 Wifi + Cellular
    • Model 2020 Space Grey 4th Generation
    • Monitor 12.9'' with 1 TB SSD
    • Stylus Pencil 2nd gen and keyboard/case Magic Keyboard for iPAD pro 12.
  • The prize for the winning Video is a professional laptop, with the following technical specifications:
    • Macbook Pro 16
    • 2020 Space Grey
    • Monitor 16'' Retina with 1 TB SSD
    • CPU i9 2.3 Ghz with 16 GB RAM
    • GPU Radeon Pro 5500M
  • By awarding these prizes, the respective copyrights of the winners shall be automatically transferred, as intellectual property, to the HCC.
  • The awarding of the winners will take place in a special ceremony, at a time and place to be announced, given the current circumstances and the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak, while a public exhibition of the award-winning and the staff pick artistic works will take place at the same venue.
  • The identity of the creators will indicated on the awarded and staff pick entries.
  • The results of the contest will be announced via the HCC’s contest website and social media, while the interested parties (who have received awards and mentions) will be informed via e-mail.


  • Intellectual property rights (copyrights) of the candidate Figures and Video/Messages submitted to the contest are owned by their creators.
  • Copyrights of the winners shall be automatically transferred, as intellectual property, to the HCC. All rights to use, publish, advertise, copy, change, modify, and reproduce in all possible ways the awarded works of the contest, by specific subject, are transferred to the HCC. No other person shall have the right to use the awarded works, including the contestant (he is entitled to use it only to include it in his personal portfolio).
  • The moral right of all submitted and winning works belongs to their Creators. Reference to the Creator will be made where possible.
  • The HCC reserves the right to make modifications to the awarded artworks, to carry out professional redesigning, to create different versions of them in terms of color, size, format, resolution and all other properties without any restrictions.
  • The HCC reserves the right to cancel the contest, where it deems it necessary or deems that its purpose is no longer served, by informing the participants in any appropriate way.
  • The HCC reserves the right not to reach a selection decision if it considers that the artworks submitted do not fully meet the objectives of this contest.
  • The HCC reserves the right to use all the Figures and Video/Message proposals that will be submitted in the contest in any way (e.g. exhibition, posting on the contest site, publication in the press or the Internet) without any financial or other burden to the contestant, who maintains his intellectual rights on his artwork.
  • The HCC shall not be responsible for any malicious use of the submitted material, e.g. submission of an artwork that does not belong to the person who submitted it. Any such malicious use automatically invalidates the candidature of the respective candidate.
  • The HCC shall not be liable for possible damages of third parties, violations of personality rights and personal data that take place through participation and submission of artworks in the contest. Such liability lies solely with the creator. 
  • By participating/submitting his entry to the contest, the contestant fully and unconditionally accepts all the terms of the Contest.

J. Information